TV Center Toolbar

TV Center Toolbar

A toolbar designed to make your Internet browsing experience entertaining
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TV Center Toolbar was developed by TV Center to customize your Internet browsing and make it more entertaining. As such, it is provided with a strong search engine, as well as with radio and TV broadcast, it also has special add-ons for special safety applications, deals, games, updates on weather conditions, and many more.

You can add some music to your Internet browsing by listening to one of the radio channels suggested in the list provided by the developer. Sound quality is very good and there is a great diversity of radio channels.

For television, however things are different. There is a wide list of TV channels to choose from, but none works. Whichever channel you chose, you are required to purchase a special product which will grant you free TV. Thus, if you want to enjoy all benefits of this toolbar in terms of TV channels, you will have to purchase their product.

If you choose to ignore all the advertorial part, you can anytime enjoy the radio option for free, as well as the search engine, weather cast and email updates. You can make your Internet browsing more entertaining and practical, you can download the toolbar for free from developer's website and give it a try.

Jessie Hodgson
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  • Good search engine, good sound quality, it can add some entertainment features to your Internet browsing


  • TV channels will not function without the special product that can be purchased from the developer, some of the radio channels fail to connect, many advertorial add-ons
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